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In the electronic production workshop, the dust adsorbed on electronic components, especially the production of very large-scale integrated circuits, will be greatly reduced. Dust and dirt brought to the operation site will affect product quality, product performance, and significantly reduce product yield. If the radius of the adsorbed dust particles is larger than the film, the product is likely to be damaged.

Therefore, it is necessary to establish an electrostatic protection system during processing and packaging. It can carry out the overall decoration of anti-static building materials for its clean workshop, and take measures for the hardware, so that all personnel entering and leaving the clean workshop can wear anti-static clothing. Packaging companies can formulate business standards or put forward specific requirements for anti-static according to relevant national standards and actual conditions of the company to coordinate the normal operation of the packaging production line.

Due to the wide variety of antistatic equipment, choosing the right product mainly depends on the situation of the production line. The following are several types of anti-static equipment

1. Anti-static wrist strap: It is characterized by a practical, simple, and very random operation method. It only needs to be worn on the hands or feet to introduce the static electricity of the human body into the ground.

2. Anti-static grounding wire: It is mainly used to connect the workbench to the ground. Once static electricity is generated by friction on the workbench, it will be guided into the ground by the connecting wire

3. Anti-static tester: mainly used to check whether the product is static and whether the wrist strap is damaged