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The dust-free clothing is made of anti-static ultra-clean fabric. In addition to anti-static performance, another outstanding feature of the fabric is dust-free and dust-filtering performance, so that employees wearing dust-free clean clothes will not bring dust into the workshop when they enter the dust-free workshop. The electrostatic wrist strap can prevent static electricity from damaging the product; the good dust filter performance of the dust-free clothing means that the human body emits less dust particles into the air. In many cases, whether the product is qualified depends on the amount of attached dust or the impact of dust on the product. Therefore, the quality of dust-free clothing is closely related to the product qualification rate. At the same time, clean clothes need to be washed regularly. On the one hand, it is to ensure the cleanliness and anti-static properties of the clothes. On the other hand, it eliminates sweat and peculiar smell and reduces the discomfort of the wearer.