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In the semiconductor production workshop, the output of very large-scale integrated circuits will be greatly reduced due to the adsorption of dust on the chips. All operators in the production workshop wear clean overalls. When carrying and placing electronic products, wear an anti-static wrist strap. If the human body has static electricity, it will easily absorb dust and dirt. If these dust and dirt are brought to the job site, it will directly affect the product quality, increase the defect rate, and greatly reduce the yield. If the radius of the adsorbed dust particles is larger than the width of the line, and there is a thickness of the film, the product is most likely to be scrapped.

Therefore, it is necessary to wear anti-static clothing, anti-static wrist straps and anti-static ankle straps during processing, production and packaging. Chip products such as computer appliances have stricter requirements for static electricity. In order to ensure the normal operation of the production line, the overall decoration of anti-static building materials is carried out on its clean workshop, and all personnel entering and leaving the clean workshop are equipped with anti-static clothing. , Put forward specific requirements for anti-static to cooperate with the normal operation of the packaging production line.