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Sterile decontamination clothing is usually a protective product worn by the staff in the sterile room. It also includes anti-static wrist straps and anti-static ankle straps. Mainly used in industries with higher requirements such as medicine and food. The biggest difference between it and ordinary dust-free decontamination clothes is the word "sterile". The level of use of sterile decontamination clothes is very high, and the requirements for use and management are also very strict. The staff must act strictly according to the regulations and cannot ignore any small details.

1. The sterile clean clothes in each work area should be marked and must not be mixed to prevent cross-contamination.

2. Aseptic purification clothes are cleaned and disinfected regularly according to normal methods.

3. The washing and drying of sterile purification clothes should be carried out in a clean room to avoid dust and insect pollution.

4. After washing and drying the sterile clothes in the clean area and the control area, they should be put into sterilization bags one by one for centralized sterilization. After sterilization, mark the status and indicate the sterilization date. Sterile work clothes should be used within 2 days.

5. Employees who wear sterile clean clothes also have certain requirements for underwear. Although there are clean work clothes outside, the underwear still emits dust, so the underwear fabrics worn by the staff should be polyester fiber to avoid dust.