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In most industrial processes, static electricity will accumulate, making the product scrapped and hurting people. Even in the process of loading, unloading and transportation, fire and explosion accidents will occur. Especially in the manufacture of mobile phones, problems caused by electrostatic hazards are prone to occur. At this time, most companies will choose to use anti-static wrist straps or anti-static ankle straps to remove the hazards of static electricity.

To take preventive measures against static electricity hazards in the process, we must first understand the principles of static electricity hazards, be familiar with the factors that generate and dissipate static electricity in the development process of the hazard, as well as the types and hazards of electrostatic discharge, and be able to identify the various stages of the formation of static electricity hazards, and then be able to Use electrostatic measuring instruments to measure the cause of the hazard, measure the material and environment in the process, master the process electrostatic physical quantity, evaluate potential electrostatic hazards, follow-up research and development of appropriate electrostatic hazard control methods, and continuously measure the effects of electrostatic hazard protection measures In comparison, it can effectively reduce the hidden dangers of static electricity and improve the operation and personnel safety in the production process.