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Everyone knows that the anti-static requirements of communication products in the production process are relatively high, and there are many anti-static products that will be used, such as: anti-static dust-free clothing, anti-static shoes and hats, anti-static wrist straps, etc., these protective products The use of it protects electronic products, not only communication products, but also many microelectronics, precision machinery, aerospace and other industries will use it.

Today we will focus on the performance characteristics of clean clothes. In addition to anti-static performance, another outstanding feature of this fabric is its dust-free performance and dust-filtering performance. The dust-free performance of workshop dust-free clothing means that the fabric itself does not produce dust, so that employees wearing dust-free clean clothing will not bring dust into the workshop when entering the dust-free workshop, and avoid contaminating products. The dust-free clothing has good dust removal performance, that is, there are few dust particles in the air. In many cases, whether the product is qualified depends on the amount of attached dust or the influence of dust on the product productivity. Therefore, the quality of dust-free clothing is closely related to the product qualification rate.