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Shenzhen Shidawen Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.
Contact: Zhao Guilin
Fixed line:0755-27811087 / 27811156

Mobile phone: 13686879546
Fax: 0755-27810955

QQ: 1370996675

Ali Wangpu:

Address: 4th Floor, Building B1, Weiye Innovation Industrial Zone, Baoyuan Road, Nanchang Community, Xixiang Street, Baoan District, Shenzhen


Because of focus, so professional

Profession creates quality

High-quality products are the guarantee of market competition


No matter how perfect the individual is,

also a drop of water;

a team,

An excellent team is the sea,

A highly competitive team,

Not only requires a perfect individual,

There must be a perfect team


positive communication,

is an important means of information exchange,

is the lifeline of management,

is a bridge between people,

is the magic weapon of success

Communicate up and down to reach consensus, coordinate left and right to seek progress


no matter what you do,

A person's attitude determines a person's height

Passionate work or numb sluggish work

It's two completely different worlds

entrepreneurial spirit

Integrity: Honesty first, Pepsi's letter-based, honesty is the root of the enterprise's life, the foundation of the business

Pragmatic: Take environmental protection as the leading factor, strive for survival by quality, and promote development by science and technology. Everything starts from reality and seeks truth from facts. It is not only for books, not for excellence, but for reality

Innovation: emancipate the mind, use it for breakthroughs, keep pace with the times and continuously improve the core competitiveness of the enterprise itself

Efficiency: quick response, immediate action, dedication to details, win in execution

our mission

Focus on challenges and pressures of customer concern;

Provide competitive professional solutions and services;

Continue to create maximum value for customers;

Our goal: to become the best partner of the global electronics manufacturing industry;

Our philosophy: responsibility, integrity, excellence.