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The most important link in the management of anti-static clothing is cleaning. The best choice for enterprises is to choose a professional cleaning company for cleaning. If there is oil on the recycled anti-static clothing, it should be carefully removed before washing. If there is oil stains on the electrical equipment, the oil stains should be carefully removed before cleaning. Before cleaning, check the accessories for scratches, breakages, snaps, etc., and repair, replace, or scrap them if they are defective. Cleaning, drying and bundling must be carried out in a clean room, and the cleanliness is higher than that of a clean room with work clothes. In order to remove water-soluble contaminants, after rinsing with water, a final rinse with distilled solvent is used to remove oil stains. Anti-static clothing with buckles should be cleaned in the buckled state. After drying, stack them in a clean room dedicated to washing and polyester, and put them in a clean polyester bag or nylon bag. According to requirements, double-layer packaging or vacuum plastic sealing can be used. The packaging material is preferably an antistatic material. Since the folding process is most prone to dust, the folding process must be carried out in a high-level clean space. For example, the folding and packaging of class 100 clean tooling should be carried out in a class 10 environment.