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Precautions when using anti-static ankle strap

Precautions when using anti-static ankle strap

The anti-static ankle strap is an upgraded version of the wrist strap. The general wrist strap is fixed on the grounding socket. This kind of wrist strap is generally suitable for fixed-position assembly line work, and some work units require personnel to move back and forth. This At that time, you need to use an anti-static ankle strap. The following editor will explain to you the working principle of the ankle strap and precautions for use.


Working principle: The anti-static ankle strap is composed of three parts: a wrist strap, a conductive connecting wire, and an ankle strap. The static electricity generated by the human body is transmitted from the wrist strap to the ankle strap through the conductive wire, and the ankle strap is always in contact with the ground, and the static electricity is conducted to the ground through the contact surface of the ankle strap.

Precautions for the use of anti-static ankle straps: First, when using the ankle straps, you should wear the ankle straps on both feet. This can increase the area of ​​contact with the ground and facilitate conductivity, and secondly, it can make people walk freely It can conduct electricity smoothly even on the ground with one foot. Secondly, the anti-static ankle strap can only be used on the anti-static floor or conductive mat. When wearing it, pay attention to the ankle strap to be fastened, so as to ensure the anti-static effect and prevent the ankle from being anti-static. Take tripping.


Anti-static ankles come with ankle straps and ankle shoes. However, the cost of ankle straps is relatively high but it is more durable and lasts longer. The former is a conductive wire connected to an ankle strap, and the latter is a conductive wire. Special shoes are connected. Generally speaking, most manufacturers use ankle straps because they are more cost-effective.

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