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Single loop wrist strap monitor (automatic switch)

Single loop wrist strap monitor (automatic switch)

Wriststrapon-linemonitor product overview: According to the ANSI/ESDS20.20 section of the guidelines for personnel grounding, "In all cases,...

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product description:

According to the ANSI/ESDS20.20 section of the guidelines for personnel grounding, “In all cases, the personnel grounding system includes people, control objects and the connection to the grounding point. The record sheet should be kept to verify that the personnel have tested their "Personal grounding device", and ESD-S1.1 Section 6.1.3 states that "when the continuous monitoring system is used, the daily (wrist strap system) test can be ignored".

The SDW1801D-II wristband online monitor can continuously monitor the working status of an operator's wristband grounding system. Automatic sound and light alarm prompts the operator to check the bad grounding system and components, eliminating the costly and cumbersome wristband inspection record keeping need. The product has the advantages of small size, light weight, simple use, strong real-time monitoring and intelligent judgment of high-performance MCU, which can provide reliable guarantee for the normal use of the wrist strap grounding system in the anti-static (personal) work area.

Product specifications:

Working environment: temperature 0℃-50℃ relative humidity: 20-85%RH

Working voltage: AC/DC9V Response time: <>

Shell material: aluminum plate Shell color: orange

Dimensions: W40mmXH21mmXD92mm

product structure:


Figure 1: Schematic diagram of SDW1801D-II structure

Product use:

Clamp the alligator clip on the SDW1801D-II host to the electrostatic grounding line, and power on the host. After the host self-test, the status indicator will be red and enter the standby state;

The operator inserts the wrist strap into the wrist strap socket. When the wrist strap is in good contact with the operator, the corresponding indicator light will be green; if the wrist strap is broken or the contact with the human body is bad during the working process, the status indicator light will change to Red is accompanied by an alarm sound;

When the wrist strap plug is taken out, the monitor automatically switches to the standby state.

Note: When the product is used in parallel with power supplies, only one monitor needs to be grounded. To ensure the reliability of grounding, it is recommended that all alarms are properly grounded.

Product verification:

The SDW1801D-II has been verified by the manufacturer before leaving the factory, and it is a product that can work continuously and stably. According to the ANSI/ESDS20.20 section of the guidelines for personnel grounding, "..., the fixed tester should be checked regularly to ensure its function." It is recommended that the user check the SDW1801D-II once a year or according to the use The requirements of the "Electrostatic Discharge Control Plan" formulated by the author shall be checked regularly.

Packing List:

SDW1801D-II host: one

SDW1801D-II manual: one copy

Product Maintenance:

SDW1801D-II is a maintenance-free product that can be used continuously. If the product cannot be used normally due to improper use by the operator or other reasons, please send it to the supplier or manufacturer for repair. Do not disassemble and repair it yourself.