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Double loop wrist strap monitor

Double loop wrist strap monitor

Digital display network and release manual ESD2020 electrostatic online monitor product overview: According to the ANSI/ESD S20.20 section of the guidelines for personnel grounding, "In all cases, the personnel grounding system...

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Digital display network taking into account the version manual

ESD2020 electrostatic online monitor

product description:

According to the ANSI/ESD S20.20 section of the guidelines for personnel grounding, “In all cases, the personnel grounding system includes people, control objects and the connection to the grounding point. The record sheet should be kept to verify that the personnel have tested them Personal grounding device", and ESD-S1.1 section 6.1.3 pointed out that "when the continuous monitoring system is used, the daily (wrist strap system) test can be ignored".

The dual-station& dual-loop wrist strap online monitor can continuously monitor the working status of the dual-loop wrist strap grounding system of one or two operators. At the same time, you can choose to monitor equipment grounding or platform pad grounding, automatic sound and light alarm and can Real-time display of loop resistance values ​​prompts the operator to check bad grounding systems and components, eliminating the need for costly and cumbersome wristband inspection record keeping. The product has the characteristics of simple use, strong real-time monitoring, high monitoring accuracy, and intelligent monitoring. It can provide a reliable guarantee for the normal use of the wrist strap grounding system in the anti-static (personal) work area; it can be directly upgraded to the network version of the system for data monitoring

Product specifications:

Working environment: temperature 0℃-50℃ relative humidity: 20-85%RH working voltage: DC9V

Response time: <1s lower="" limit="" alarm:="" 750k="" upper="" limit="" alarm:="">

Display error: ±10% Shell material: galvanized iron Shell color: gray silver

Dimensions: W130mm X H65mm X D25mm

product structure:


Product use: (display unit is M)

1. When the wrist strap on the host is grounded, the static pad, or the equipment is grounded and the local wiring is poorly connected, the monitor will alarm with a red light;

2. Wrist strap alarm parameters: 750K-35M

3. The alarm parameters of the electrostatic pad:<>

4. Equipment grounding alarm parameters:<>

Product Maintenance:

Maintenance-free products that can be used continuously. If the product cannot be used normally due to improper use by the operator or other reasons, please submit it to the supplier or manufacturer for repair. Do not disassemble and repair it yourself.