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Anti-static ankle strap overview

Anti-static ankle strap overview

Anti-static ankle strapIt is composed of conductive rubber, adjustable magic tape and conductive wire braid. It can be used in general electronics factories, pharmaceuticals, aerospace, precision machinery and other companies. There are various anti-static equipment. The anti-static ankle strap passes through the wrist strap, and the ground wire conducts the static electricity of the human body to the ground. When using the wrist strap, please contact with your skin and make sure to ground the ground wire so that it can exert its effect to a greater extent.


When using an anti-static ankle strap, you should wear both feet at the same time to increase the contact time of the ankle strap with the ground, thereby reducing the possibility of electrostatic damage to the human body. In order to overcome the hazards of static electricity, workers in static sensitive areas usually use wrist straps to release the static charge of the human body to the ground to protect electronic components from the danger of static electricity. The use of an anti-static ankle strap helps to control the accumulation of static charge on the human body. The design principle is to provide a transmission path between the body and the ground material to reduce the potential difference of the body. In addition, it is important to correctly evaluate the charge release capability of the anti-static ankle strap. When a worker moves on the anti-static floor material, the charge can be discharged through the ankle strap.

However, the use of anti-static ankle straps is not suitable for certain working positions. In the process of personnel movement, the hanging wristbands and messy windings will restrain the personnel and slow down the processing speed of the employees. In this case, the staff can use other methods, such as combined with other anti-static equipment or measures. In general, when choosing an anti-static ankle strap, the following factors must be considered: resistance, anti-static performance, price, durability, comfort, compliance with standards, and so on.


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