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How to choose an anti-static wrist strap

How to choose an anti-static wrist strap

Anti-static wrist strapIt is a device that is worn on your hands to prevent static electricity from damaging the human body or equipment. It can be seen in daily life or in the manufacturing plant, and the shapes are different, and the products are also diverse. At this time, someone may ask, if I also buy one, how should I choose? And are all anti-static wrist straps useful?


Generally speaking, anti-static wrist straps are divided into two categories: wired and wireless. After the wired wrist strap is grounded, it can be discharged directly, there is no requirement on the voltage, and the static electricity is removed quickly. But this kind of wrist strap is very inconvenient and is generally not used in daily life. It is usually used for electrostatic protection in factories, especially when making high-precision electrical components. The wireless anti-static wrist strap is very convenient to use. It is generally used in daily life. The various anti-static wrist straps usually seen are basically wireless. Among them, the loop power consumption wrist strap has a variety of styles. Diverse.

In summary, if you need to contact high-precision electrical components frequently, you must choose a wired anti-static wrist strap. For ordinary people, it is enough to choose wireless. Specifically, you can grasp the following two principles: one is not to choose The principle is high. The principle of static electricity is simple and easy to understand, and anti-static is not difficult from a scientific point of view. Those fancy propaganda are nothing more than to sell more expensively. Don't be tricked, just choose the common and practical ones. The second is to give priority to wireless anti-static wrist straps that consume power in the loop. After all, the principle of tip discharge is a natural phenomenon. The process is slower than the active power consumption of forming a loop. Instead of waiting for the charge to be released naturally, it is better to consume it artificially, which can reduce the charge on the human body more efficiently. Volume, thereby reducing the discharge phenomenon.


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